Artist Pip Jones

Pip Jones

Shropshire artist Pip Jones uses watercolour and mixed media, drawing inspiration from the light, mood and energy she experiences in the landscape. Her paintings are about her relationship and response to her immediate environment and how this is influenced by the seasons and it’s changing light, colour and textures.

Being out in the open plays a crucial part in the process. Pip is regularly observing, recording and takes notes to inform her work. Back in the studio and working towards a finished painting of many layers, she works rapidly to re-discover elements that emerge from her memory and feelings.

Severn Blue

Pip’s career as a painter has seen her exhibit nationally, with work accepted by Bankside Gallery, The Royal Academy and RBSA Birmingham. In 2017 for her painting Severn Blue’ she was the winner of The Shropshire Open competition.

The Artist’s Gallery
Bromfield, Ludlow, SY8 2JR

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